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Any of you guys or gals go to college? If you did, I bet you would have liked to have taken a cool road trip across the country with a friend, huh? Maybe you did! Regardless, you'll enjoy the story about these two young women, Aislinn and Sara, who did just that. Better yet, they did the whole thing in a van converted to run on biodiesel and vegetable oil! Close to our hearts, these two. They began calling themselves "Canola Strollas" and set up a Myspace page where you can read their blogs and

A pair of auto technicians in Kansas City have converted their Dodge diesel trucks to run on vegetable oil, and one estimates the mileage picked up to 100 miles per gallon of diesel. But he doesn't say how many gallons of vegetable oil he has to burn during that stretch to reduce his diesel bill.

Following in the footsteps of the LA artist promoting E85, folk singer Jay Mankita is raising awareness for biodiesel and vegetable oil, traveling to schools demonstrating his converted 2003 Volkswagen Jetta to students and curious parents. The Jetta was modified with a Greasecar kit, which allows the car to run on a combination of biodiesel fuel and vegetable oil. The singer stressed the fuels are better for the environment and help us reach energy independence, on top of saving him some money.