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Renault gets $28 million from EC to develop diesel-hybrid vans

Renault will receive 20.5 million euros (US$27.9 million) from the European Commission to develop diesel-hybrid powertrains for commercial vans, as the EC broadens its search for ways to cut emissions throughout the continent.

US DOE ready with $9m in grants for fuel-cell advances

Some might say $9 million is a drop in the zero-emission bucket when it comes to federal funding of hydrogen fuel-cell advancements, but it does beat a sharp stick in the eye.

EnerDel still in battery business, now working with Purdue on li-ion research

You can't say EnerDel isn't still giving it the old college try.

A123's deadline to spend $249 million grant extended through 2014

Looks like A123 Systems' range has just been extended by a couple of years.

After $2.4 billion for batteries, feds give out millions for smart grid, biofuels, more

Those who were worried that the U.S. government was picking winners by only spending $2.4 billion on batteries should be pleased with this: Energy Secretary Steven Chu has announced $347 additional million from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to an assorted array of projects that aim to provide energy security for the U

DOE pours $385 million into cellulosic ethanol production

The U.S. Department of Energy has dug into its coffers once again for alternative energy research, this time putting up to $385 million forward to fund six cellulosic ethanol over the next four years. DOE Secretary Samuel W. Bodman made the announcement, going on to say that when fully operational, the six biorefineries will produce more than 130 million gallons / 492 million litres of ethanol per year. The funding is part of President Bush's Dane Muldoon