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Rush Limbaugh and Fox News might not like the Chevrolet Volt, but Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm will gladly go to bat for the car and for General Motors. She did just that at the Center for American Progress recently after being asked about Limbaugh's comments by Think Progress, saying:

Click above to read more about the Governors' opening talk at SAE 2009

Click above to read more about the Governors' opening talk at SAE 2009

With the near future of ethanol looking bright in the United States, is it surprising that many state governments are starting to get a little sultry as they try to lure investors looking to build plants in their state? Not at all, as the Southeast Missourian reported recently.

Dick DeVos, the Michigan Republican gubernatorial candidate, wants to position Michigan to become a national leader in ethanol production. In order to achieve this lofty goal, he wants to reduce taxes farmers pay on land and equipment and plans to build an infrastructure to make alternative fuels available to drivers. DeVos, who is in a close race with current Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm, wants to cut property taxes on farmland as well as taxes on farm machinery. While DeVos has plans to

So nice of Detroit's WDIV-TV and the Detroit Free Press to ask folks living in Michigan how they feel about the General Motors/Renault-Nissan deal, eh? With GM residing in the state and being largely responsible for the state of its economy, everyone from plant workers to advertising agency execs and even Detroit-area Starbucks baristas will likely be affected by a merger.