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Early in Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm's State of the State speech last night, she said that, "Our auto industry, the anchor of our economy, has been battered as never before." Her solution: diversifying Michigan's economy, and a part of that diversification is increasing the amount of alternative energy and biofuel produced here. Granholm said she would ask the Legislature to create laws that require 10 percent of Michigan's energy to come from renewable sources within eight years, and 20

The State of Michigan is getting set to designate the first Renewable Energy Renaissance Zone in Adrian with the development of a $10 million biodiesel plant there. The 25-acre plant is expected to create about 20 jobs and is part of the state's shift to renewable energy, said Gov. Jennifer Granholm. There's no word on how many gallons the plant will be able to produce annually.

The state government of Michigan announced the grant and loan recipients of the state's 21st Century Jobs Fund Wednesday, and ethanol and hybrid technology groups were among the winners, according to the Lansing State Journal. Altogether, the state gave $100 million to 61 organizations statewide. These projects are expected to create 3,161 jobs.

The Indy Racing League sure knows how to draw attention to ethanol. On Thursday, Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm came to Ypsilanti to pump ethanol-blended gasoline for some enthusiastic drivers, according to the Ann Arbor News. The promotional event was part of the IRL's Ethanol Pump Tour and is designed to promote E10, which can go into pretty much any standard gasoline engine. IRL drivers Buddy Rice, Vitor Meira, Jeff Simmons and Kosuke Matsuura also pumped gas. It's unclear if people were com

Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm signed a biofuel bill into law last Friday. The law gives consumers incentives for buying ethanol by lowering the state tax on each gallon of ethanol-blended fuel by 7 cents (from 19 to 12 cents a gallon). Biodiesel received a cut (of three cents) to also bring taxes on the biofuel to 12 cents a gallon. Gas station owners can apply for grants to convert their facilities to offer ethanol or biodiesel, which will be helpful since Granholm acknowledged that the i