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Graffiti artist Banksy turns Mazda Protege into warfare commentary

British street artist Banksy, who currently resides in New York City for its high pedestrian traffic and plentiful hiding spots, recently took his stencils and spray cans to a truck trailer and an old Mazda to make a commentary about war, according to a video report by Newsy.

Update: Mazda Protege Used In Banksy Piece Vandalized

The latest work from the artist explores modern warfare

Art rebel turned cultural icon Banksy has tagged another one of his masterpieces on a wall, and a car, on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

Watch an assembly line robot try its hand at street art

Oh, how we'd like to go all grumpy-old-man-get-off-my-lawn on Chevrolet for this latest bit of hipster marketing. But dammit, it's got robots in it. Real robots, industrial robots, installed inside a 2012 Chevrolet Sonic hatchback. And it's just so cool.

Ford takes art to the street with Focus in Glasgow

Though several automakers have celebrated their centenary recently, most haven't been around that long. Ford has, though, and not only that, it's been in the UK for 100 years, too. The Blue Oval has set to staging a series of celebrations to mark the occasion, culminating in the Ford Centenary Tour traversing the British Isles.

Renowned street artist Banksy tags Detroit, ignites controversy

Banksy's graffiti before it was removed from the Packard plant – Click above for high-res image gallery

Mini lets artist "Krink" all over its car

The Krink-ed Mini – Click above for high-res image gallery