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The partnership between GM and the Governor's Ethanol Coalition has been in effect since 2005, and has now been extended to at least finish out 2007. Towards that end, GM has loaned an E85 Chevy Tahoe to Lt. Governor Becky Skillman of Indiana. This is one of 13 states so far that GM has partnered with to promote E85 as the renewable resource solution to our oil dependency.

The American polical news is full of coverage of what Nancy Pelosi is doing in the U.S. House of Representatives during her first 100 hours and what President Bush now thinks we should do in Iraq, but the governors of many U.S. states aren't about to let all of the media spotlight go elsewhere. Yesterday, the 37 governors, the members of the Governors' Ethanol Coalition, released a report on ethanol, Ethanol from Biomass: How to Get to a Biofuels Future, and called for the amount of ethanol used