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Enter SweepstakesSee that guy in the Lambo with the silly, matching grin? That could be you if you win the Autoblog Holiday Giveaway Grand Prize: A Dream Car Tour from Gotham Dream Cars. And that empty passenger seat? That's where your spouse sits. Or your best bud. Or the one kid you have who knows the difference between a Chevy and a Chery. Or just thumb your nose at everyone you know and leave it empty like that guy did.

Enter SweepstakesThe definition of a grand prize dictates that it has to be special, so we saved our most special prize for last: a Dream Car Tour courtesy of Gotham Dream Cars. What's a Dream Car Tour? Your opportunity to drive six exotic sports cars in a single day.

The East Coast premium rental car company, Gotham Dream Cars, has just launched its own "Exotic Car Club" program called DreamShare. The program is offered through the firm's NY and Miami locations, and offers drivers a chance to sample supercars and exotics without the hassles of ownership like depreciation, storage concerns, maintenance costs and the like. And really, for $300-$450 a day, who wouldn't love to have a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin or Bentley available for a weekend trip to

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