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Amidst constant rumors of a sale of the Volvo brand, and the constant denials from Ford, the brand has seen some massive sales declines, both in Europe and in the United States. Even if Ford does choose to keep the brand, which does seem likely at the moment, fewer cars to sell means fewer workers needed. The latest round of cuts is said to amount to about 900 jobs in 2009, all of which could come from its home country of Sweden. An entire shift will be canceled at its plant in Goteborg in the w

With hybrids the alternative vehicle of choice for most consumers (yes, there are more flexible-fuel vehicles on the roads today, but how many people fill them with E85?), Ford and its Volvo subsidiary announced last week that they would invest over a billion dollars in a new center in Goteborg to develop new hybrid systems for their vehicles. This BusinessWeek article says the companies will use the new hybrid technology in all of Ford's brands in Europe and for Volvo models worldwide. Volvo wi