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British PM Gordon Brown checks out the Th!nk city EV

British prime minister Gordon Brown received a visit on Monday from Richard Blundell, the managing director of Th!nk UK. Th!nk is the Norwegian manufacturer of electric city cars that was once owned by Ford. Th!nk brought out its city car so that Brown and Transport Secretary Geoff Hoon (now there's a name of a transport secretary!) could check it out along with some other EVs that were on hand (but so far remain unidentified). A high level meeting to discuss electric vehicles is under way at Do

Bob Lutz: 30K E-Flex cars in Europe in first year, 1M worldwide by 2020

Now that British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has pledged some £90 million for the development of clean vehicles in the U.K., General Motors is seeing plenty to like about the European market for its E-Flex vehicles. The automaker has already reversed its stance on build