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Google.org issues request for investment proposals from EV companies

Google.org has $10 M they want to invest in your for-profit company. That is, if you have a great idea to advance sustainable transport. Google.org already gave a million to not-for-profits and launched the RechargeIT initiative. Now, Google.org wants to put some money into something that can make some money.

More on Google's RechargeIT: Plug in hybrids and the smart grid

As we just mentioned, in a project called RechargeIT, Google's philanthropic foundation, Google.org, is turning science potential into science fact. Up to now it has been good theory that you can power an EV or PHEV (plug in hybrid) via a solar PV array connected to the grid and, yes, you can extract power from the PV array or the vehicle, if the grid needs

Google.org announces RechargeIT, gives $11 million for PHEVs

It's no secret that Google wants to get in on the green. And by that I mean the environment.

Treehugger interviews Plug-in Partners Campaign Coordinator Roger Duncan

With official plug-in hybrids (PHEV) looking more and more likely, one group to thank is Plug-in Partners. The organization, founded in Austin, Texas in August, 2005, has been heavily promoting PHEVs to the government, the auto industry and to individuals (perhaps you remember ex-CIA head R. James Woolsey's appearance in "Who Killed The Electric Car?" Woolsey is a spokesman for Plug-in Partners).