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When Volkswagen showed off the Golf TDI Hybrid at the Geneva Motor Show last month there was plenty of interest in the 69mpg concept. The combination of a 1.2L diesel, hybrid electric drive and a 7 speed DSG transmission yields some seriously thrifty performance. Unfortunately all that cool hardware adds up to quite a bit of cost and it now looks like the bottom line is too big to justify for a car in the Golf's market segment. German magazine Auto Motor und Sport is reporting that the Golf TDI

Channel 4 in Britain is reporting that one of the vehicles that Volkswagen will be showing in Geneva in a couple of weeks is a diesel hybrid version of the Golf. Although VW has been experimenting with various hybrid powertrains since at least the early '90s, they have yet to offer one in production. Apparently Volkswagen has developed this system primarily for the U.S. market and it will be Tier 2 Bin 5 compliant. The system will likely be offered on the Golf (branded as a Rabbit in the U.S.) a