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Electric Scooter-sharing Service Headed To Paris | Autoblog Minute

Bosch and Gogoro partner to bring app based scooter-sharing service to Paris. This summer there will be 600 zero-emissions Smartscooters from Gogoro for rental in central Paris.

Gogoro brings on-demand scooter rentals to Berlin

The electric scooter maker continues to make inroads in Europe.

Get two wheels, for a limited time.

Gogoro Smartscooter swaps tiny Tesla-like batteries

Two-Wheeled EV Coming To US In 2016

The Gogoro Smartscooter is an electric vehicle powered by swappable batteries. This tech makes way more sense in a two-wheeler than in a car.

Gogoro rides its battery-swapping electric scooter into Amsterdam

A new electric scooter from Gogoro with replaceable batteries will soon take to the streets of Amsterdam.