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Toyota denies rumors of giving aid to GM

Rumors of a meeting between GM CEO Rick Wagoner and top officials from Toyota in Japan has been denied. This shouldn't come as much of a surprise, considering that it's GM's policy not to comment on such matters, but Toyota has no such policy and has also denied that such discussions have or will take place. The Japanese Kyodo News had started the rumors, which specifically

Hanging Chads! Automotive News declares Toyota beat GM in 2007

We'll soon need Florida's State Supreme Court to step in and decide this one, as Automotive News is reversing on its report yesterday that General Motors had outsold Toyota globally in 2007 to declare Toyota the winner today. To be fair, yesterday's report that GM had outsold Toyota was based on a Reuters source who claimed the Japanese automaker had sold 9.366 million vehicles in 2007 to GM's

UPDATE: GM sold more in 2007 than Toyota

As we reported earlier today, Toyota is not expected to reveal the actual number of vehicles it sold in 2007 until later this month, but a source has told Reuters that the number should be about 9.366 million units worldwide. GM announced earlier today that it sold 9,369,524 vehicles around the world last year, which official makes it the world's best-selling automaker for the 77nd

Toyota may have toppled GM in 2007

Toyota has revealed that it sold 9.37 million vehicles worldwide in 2007, which amounts to a 6% increase. Though General Motors won't release its worldwide sales for 2007 until January 23rd, speculation has already begun that it wasn't able to hold off Toyota's aggressive growth and will cede its title of World's Best-Selling Automaker to the Japanese automaker for the 2007 calendar year. Though the world certainly won't end if this happens, GM has held that title for the last 76 years straight.

Big news, bigger sales: Toyota outsold GM during the first three months of 2007

As you can see from our categories list over to the right, GM and Toyota are the top two automakers we write about most often here on AutoblogGreen (as time goes by, the numbers will change, so I'll note them here for future readers: GM = 231, Toyota = 267) and that slight lead by Toyota is a hint of the big news from Toyota today: the Japanese automaker has, for the first time, outsold GM. The numbers are 2.35 million for Toyota, 2.26 million for GM. Those millions are the number of cars sold i

Isuzu sticks with GM for DuraMax diesel engine joint-venture

One of the technical highlights of the last generation GMT-800 full-size trucks from GM was the Duramax turbo-diesel V-8. This strong, efficient, refined engine was miles ahead of the Navistar engine in the Ford trucks and the Cummins engine that Dodge uses. The Duramax diesels are built by a General Motors-Isuzu joint-venture in Ohio called DMAX lt