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The UAW strike at American Axle has ground on for three months, but an agreement with the union was reached on Friday. General Motors had pledged $200 million dollars to help get things rolling again after being forced to idle plants. The action has reportedly cost GM $800 million, so what's a few more on top of that to get plants back online? With that logic, the automaker's managed to shake loose another $18 million to pay for supplemental unemployment benefits, bringing its total commitment t

General Motors has been hit so hard by the ongoing American Axle strikes that it's stopped production of the GMC Yukon, Denali, Sierra heavy-duty regular and extended cab, its commercial-duty pickup and variants of Chevrolet trucks and Tahoes. All the while, the General is still negotiating with the UAW over local contracts at some of its most important plants. To ease some of its supply problems, General Motors has reportedly offered as much as $200 million to American Axle for the funding of e

Local UAW contract negotiations aren't going well for General Motors, and today they took a turn for the worst as union members at the automaker's Fairfax assembly plant in Kansas walked off the job at 10AM EST. The bulk of GM's hot-selling Chevy Malibu are produced at the Fairfax plant, with a lesser number of the four-door sedan being built at the automaker's Orion plant in suburban Detroit. Last month GM sold 17,050 Malibus, a 39.5% increase in volume over April 2007. The local union in Fairf

Workers at the General Motors assembly plant in Oshawa, Ontario have given the automaker until this fall to confirm that additional models will be built there, or else... STRIKE! The Oshawa plant currently builds the Chevy Impala and Buick LaCrosse, and is scheduled to build the Chevy Camaro when it enters production in February of 2009, but that's it. Other rear-wheel-drive products were also promised, but because of the weak dollar and new CAFE regulations, GM is apparently rethinking whether

UPDATE: According to Automotive News, the deal also stipulates GM agrees to new-vehicle programs at 16 U.S. plants.

The GM strike lasted less than 40 hours, not even two full days. For UAW president Ron Gettelfinger, however, it was just enough time to secure for his members the concessions he wanted. So which side blinked after 40 hours of staring the other down? It's tough to tell, but the UAW's main sticking point was job security, and it was looking for a guarantee that production for new models wouldn't be moved outside the United States. This is the issue that initiated the strike, and it appears that G

Investors and industry pundits don't believe the UAW strike will last long, proving their belief with a slight drop of $0.20 in GM's stock price. Widespread belief is that GM could handle a two-week halt in production without devastation to its balance sheet and recovery plan. GM's got three months of inventory on hand, and GM had planned to cut production by 10-percent in Q4 anyway. The only hitch could be with popular vehicles like the Enclave and Acadia, which typically spend just two weeks o

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At 1:30PM today, Canadian Auto Workers (the Canadian counterpart to the UAW) president Buzz Hargrove gave a press conference responding to the UAW strike today against General Motors. In Hargrove's mind, a worst case scenario could see anywhere between 80,000 and 100,000 Canadian workers unemployed as a result of the strike. Hargrove seemed to blame General Motors for shifting the hardships caused by what he called "unfair imports" onto its workers, and he surmised the automaker will use the sam