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Video: Rick Wagoner on GM's commitment to energy diversity. And new E-Flex concepts soon?

As we mentioned last week, Rick Wagoner, chairman and CEO of GM spoke to the crowd at the Geneva Motor Show last week, and here is a video to prove it. He spoke quite a bit about alternative fuels and alternative propulsion. He went on to state that GM is committed to providing vehicles that can operate on many different s

GM to produce Sequel fuel cell vehicle by 2010

Click on the photo Bob Lutz with the Sequel for a gallery of high-res images of the fuel cell prototype

GM plans to produce hydrogen fuel car by 2010

Despite recognizing that a hydrogen infrastructure will not be in place by 2010, GM plans to go ahead with the production of hydrogen fuel cell cars. Mohsen Shabana, GM's chief engineer on the fuel cell project made this announcement at presentation in Paul Springs, California.

GM's Lutz says he'll push board to fund hydrogen fuel cell production vehicles

Bob Lutz, Vice Chairman of General Motors, said he is going to pressure the company's strategy board to fund full-production hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. GM is demonstrating the Chevrolet's Sequel fuel cell vehicle this week, and Lutz was on hand at a Sequel press event. Lutz told Automotive News (sorry, subscription only) that in the end, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will be much cheaper to produce.

GM and BMW's public relations battle over hydrogen car news

Winding Road, which got the scoop on the hydrogen-powered GM Chevy Sequel earlier this week, has a great follow-up post on the media battle between GM and BMW, which also announced big hydrogen car news this week. Winding Road took snapshots of various Yahoo news sites throughout the week and compared them to the headlines provided in the press releases from GM and BMW. While GM got out of the gate first with news of the Sequel, the company didn't hype the hydrogen angle enough (they instead cal

GM Sequel fuel-cell vehicle will be a Chevy

General Motors announced today that their all-wheel drive fuel-cell vehicle the Sequel will wear the Chevrolet brand. The news was first reported by Winding Road, and that site will report back from the first test drive of the prototypes tomorrow. The decision to make the Sequel a Chevy (instead of, say a Cadillac or Saab) should help make fuel cells seem more accessible to the majority of car buyers. GM has invit