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In a post on GM's FastLane Blog, technical fellow Candace Wheeler sums up The General's thoughts in these post-Gulf oil spill times this way:

Well, this doesn't bode well for the ethanol industry. They've had ten years to get a system in place in Reynolds, Ind. (that's when Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels bequeathed the name "BioTown" on Reynolds), but it just isn't working. The idea is good: power all the cars in one small town with ethanol, heat all the homes with the methane gas from the town sewers and nearby hog farms. The results are not.

I wrote Monday about how Pennsylvania is making a big push to get out of their coal history and moving into a greener energy future. Here are a few more details on how General Motors, VeraSun and Sheetz gas stations are working with the state will do this. VeraSun announced that its partnership with GM would provide VE85 (VeraSun's brand-name E85) to three Sheetz stations in the Pittsburgh area. The first shipments will arrive this week to one station, with the two other stores getting the fuel