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GM powertrain plans: high-tech, low weight

Click above for more early images of the production Chevy Volt

GM passenger car diesels coming to America?

In the latest Bob Lutz video released on the Fastlane Blog the other day, Vice-Chairman Bob Lutz talked about diesels and didn't seem to exited about the prospects. Toward the end of the video he did mention that some diesels will come to US cars, crossovers and trucks but offered no details. GM did introduce a new 2.9L V-6 diesel at the Geneva Motor Show and has said it wasn't coming to the US. That

New GM diesel to get almost 30 mpg in full size trucks

Even though the Senate has now passed a new energy bill that includes requirements for fleet fuel economy average of 35mpg by 2020 we still have a ways to go before the House passes it, the bill gets reconciled and ultimately signed into law. Nonetheless, the car makers have to get down to work and start cranking up the fuel economy of their vehicles, especially the larger trucks. All three of the domestic automakers have announced plans to add new diesel engines for their light duty trucks by t

GM announces new diesel for half-ton pickups

On the heels of announcing that the Duramax engine will meet tough 2007 federal emissions standards, GM says it will build a new V8 diesel for the light-truck market.