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In southeast Michigan, there is a restaurant called Cloverleaf Pizza. Growing up, I'd ride my bike with a friend to the 'Leaf and split an eight-slice cheese and pepperoni pizza. In fact, I liked the pizza so much that I eventually got a job there as a bus boy – in part because employees got 50 percent off their dinner order. But as much as I love Cloverleaf, the 25 mile trek from my current residence limits me to about three trips a year.

ABC News investigates BMW fuel pump problems – Click above to watch video after the jump

The Grocery Manufacturers Association. Not a group we hear from a lot on a site dedicated to cleaner vehicle technology. Today, though, in preparation for Earth Day, we saw a message from the GMA titled "This Earth Day, an Unlikely Foe: Biofuels" and wanted to see what they had to say. As the headline suggests, the GMA is taking a stance against biofuels made from food sources and all of the problems that can occur thanks to "the rush to find a 'homegrown' solution to global warming." The GMA in