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Hybrid transit buses using the GM-Allison Two-mode hybrid system are becoming fairly common in North America with several thousand now on the road. In the UK however, the two-mode buses are brand new, with the first four recently going into service in London. The two-mode hybrid transmissions are installed in Optare Tempo bus chassis that are being used as part of a hybrid test program in the British capitol. Several different hybrid systems are being evaluated by Transport for London.

The city of Ann Arbor MI recently announced plans to to replace their entire transit bus fleet with hybrid versions as the fleet is turned over in the next few years. On Wednesday, they took delivery of the first of fifteen buses that will enter service this month. Five more buses will arrive next March and eventually all 69 buses will be replaced. The Ann Arbor Transportation Authority buses are equipped with the GM-Allison Two-Mode hybrid system. The first twenty buses are expected to save ove