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It's not that General Motors doesn't want its dealer body to shift certified pre-owned Impalas, G6s, Silverados, or Sierras. GM rolled out a program to help make the used cars attractive by offering 60 month loans with a 3.9 percent interest rate between October 1st and January 5th, thus helping dealers close deals on higher-margin inventory. Just a month in, however, GM is folding up its incentive tent and going home, leaving dealers holding the bag on lots full of cars they'd bought in anticip

Used car sales as a profession has a rather sullied reputation. Some establishments deserve the distaste, while others work hard to take care of customers and stock their lots with good merchandise. Certified Pre-Owned vehicles are often a good bet, because they're automaker-sanctioned and undergo an extensive checklist before hitting the lot. GM is making a frontal assault on non-CPO used cars by launching UsedCarAmbush.com, expending lots of hidden camera effort and Mission: Impossible trappin