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We talk a lot about global platforms and global powertrains, but the truly global corporation is much stronger in idea than in practice. General Motors CEO Dan Akerson is the latest to take a stab at creating a truly international company, preparing to stir up the entire organization with sweeping mission statements like "We've got to get this company and its culture into the 21st century," and "We need to take the bureaucracy out of the business."

General Motors continued to show solid results from its restructuring efforts Wednesday, as the automaker blew past analysts' projections, posting its first quarterly operating profit in global operations since 2004. Operating losses in the critical North American market shrank to $85 million, compared to nearly $1.2 billion in Q2 2005.

It looks like General Motors will have no problem meeting its goal of cutting 30,000 jobs in the U.S., according to United Autombile Workers president Ron Gettelfinger.

Speaking to General Motors' Annual Meeting of stockholders, the company's Chairman and CEO, Rick Wagoner, was generally upbeat about the progress of GM's restructuring plan, pointing to a profitable first quarter in Europe, strong growth in the Asia Pacific region (particularly China), and rising sales in Latin America, Africa and the Middle East as evidence of the company's success globally.