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With the third quarter of 2013 wrapping up, General Motors has published its quarterly earnings, announcing a net income of $700 million, a significant drop from Q3 2012's $1.5 billion in net income. The drop is being blamed on a $900 million loss from "special items," $800 million of which was part of a 120-million share repurchase of preferred stock. GM also lost $500 million on tax expenses.

Ford Motor Company's third-quarter earnings report released earlier today basically said, "Times are bad, but we'll be aight." General Motors' just-released earnings report for the same time period says "Holy effin' hell, we're running out of things to cut, please help us!" We'll try and it keep it simple, but the main number is $2.5 billion, as in $2.5 billion lost during the Q3 '08. That compares with a $42.5 billion loss this time last year, but the bulk of that was attributable to a one-time

General Motors announced its third quarter earnings today and surprised Wall Street by revealing a $38.6 billion charge on the books that represents a change in tax accounting required by the Financial Accounting Standards Board's Statement of Financial Accounting Standards. That huge number represents tax credits the automaker can't account for until it actually earns the taxable income to which it applies.