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GM earnings jump to $2.1B in Q1 with 2.4 million cars sold

GM showed strong results in Q1 2015 with growth in earnings, net income and global sales. With such positive figures, it's expecting a better year than 2014.

GM nets $865M in Q1, down 14%

As the last of the Detroit automakers to check in with its first-quarter earnings in 2013, General Motors has announced that it saw a net income of $0.9 billion, which, according to Automotive News, is rounded up from $865 million, to go with Q1 revenue of $36.9 billion and a pre-tax profit of $1.8 billion. These numbers are all slightly lower than Q1 2012 in which GM posted a $1 billion net income, $37.8 billion in revenue and a pre-t

GM earns $3.2 billion in Q1 2011, marks fifth consecutive profitable quarter

General Motors has just announced the company's financial results for the first quarter of 2011. The automaker pulled in a net income of $3.2 billion, marking the fifth-consecutive profitable quarter for the largest of the Big Three. Compared to one year ago, GM saw revenue increase by $4.7 billion to $36.2 billion. Additionally, GM says that net income attributable to common shareholders increased by $1.9 billion thanks to the sale of it

GM posts $3.25 billion loss in Q1

General Motors announced today that it recorded a net loss of $3.25 billion during the first quarter of 2008, but it looks worse than it is thanks to a $1.45 billion hit from its 49% stake in floundering GMAC. The two-month long American Axle strike also cost GM about $800 million, while further support of bankrupt supplier Delphi's restructuring took $731 million from the corporate coffers. These "headline numbers" don't look good, but GM's performance in the area of actually selling cars wasn'