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According to the number-crunchers over at Edmunds.com, things are looking up for General Motors in the month of October. If preliminary figures hold up, The General's market share should come in at 22.4 percent, a notable gain from the 19.1 percent share the automaker averaged throughout the third quarter of 2009.

Over the last several years, few automotive stories have held as much interest as the global fight between Toyota and General Motors for worldwide sales supremacy. Don't look now, but there's a new combatant hailing from Germany ready to take the reigns: Volkswagen. However, VW's ascendancy has less to do with the German automaker's output -- GM and Toyota are shedding sales at a much faster rate than VW.

Speaking at the New York Auto Show Wednesday, General Motors' vice chairman in charge of soundbites and global product development, Bob Lutz, said that "Bankruptcy is totally out of the question. We have never contemplated it."