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It took over three decades, but George Talley finally got his stolen 1979 Chevrolet Corvette back. He received the newly restored 'Vette during the Woodward Dream Cruise.


When a sinkhole at the National Corvette Museum opened up in Bowling Green, KY and gobbled up eight important examples of the American sports car in February, videos almost made it look like the hole picked the perfect spot to do the most damage to as many vehicles as possible. None of the cars made it away unharmed, but some were luckier than others. The Skydome sinkhole quickly became a national sensation, and Chevrolet smartly stepped in to offer restoration assistance with the damaged cars.


$1.8 million is spent each year to maintain GM's fleet of 600 production and concept cars.

GM will be "thinning the herd" of its Heritage Collection at this year's Barrett-Jackson auction, beginning January 13th in Scottsdale, AZ. As many as 250 historically significant cars, trucks and concepts are slated to go under the gavel, a few are bound to be sold well under their true value, and wise bidders are planning ahead for just such an occasion. It seems that the auction house will not be providing specific information on many of the models ahead of time, even if they may differ from

One of the most amazing collections of historic cars anywhere is also one that very few people have ever seen. Since it's inception, the General Motors Heritage Center has never been open to the public. The center has a collection of nearly 800 cars of which about 200 are typically on display at any given time while others are loaned out to other museums or car shows. The facility includes 15,000 feet of racks filled with millions of pages of corporate archives documenting the first century of t

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