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U.S. Senate brings Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Caucus back to life

Need any more proof that hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are getting another shot in the arm in the U.S.? Take a look at the fall and rise of the Senate Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Caucus.

BMW, GM end talks about cooperating on fuel cells

That didn't last long. In December, the word was that General Motors and BMW would pair up on fuel cell powerplants. Today, it looks like those talks are over and done with. As BMW spokesman Alexander Bilgeri told Bloomberg, "We are still talking to GM, but no longer on the topic of fuel cells."

GM aims for 75 percent reduction in fuel cell costs by 2015

GM next generation and current fuel cell stacks – Click above for high-res image gallery

General Motors to establish pilot hydrogen infrastructure in Hawaii

Hawaii is set to get the first hydrogen fueling infrastructure in the United States thanks to a pilot project announced today by General Motors and The Gas Company. The Gas Company is the local natural gas and propane utility on the island state. Hawaii makes an ideal location for testing new transportation technologies as a result of its isolation, and the relatively small size of the isla

GM shows off fifth-generation fuel cell stack, hopes to commercialize unit by 2015

While improvements to the tried-and-true internal combustion engine continue to come in small, incremental bits year after year, hydrogen fuel cell technology is progressing in leaps and bounds. Evidence of such can be seen in the latest version of General Motors' hydrogen fuel cell system.

Full water ahead: GM reminds us that hydrogen is a "key" long-term solution

Not that we really expect to hear anything different from GM, but even with the company's most vocal hydrogen proponent Larry Burns set to retire, The General is sticking to the line that it is committed to bringing H2 vehicles to market. Beth Lowery, GM vice president of environment, energy and safety policy, posted to the Sebastian Blanco

Shanghai 2009: SAIC Shanghai EXPO Fuel Cell EV

SAIC Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle - Click above for a high-res image gallery