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2011 Holden Series II family – Click above for high-res image gallery

In a post on GM's FastLane Blog, technical fellow Candace Wheeler sums up The General's thoughts in these post-Gulf oil spill times this way:

Coskata Lighthouse Cellulosic Ethanol Plant - Click above for high-res image gallery

Following the announcement of the Challenge-X winners at the General Motors headquarters in Detroit, several bloggers including your humble correspondent sat down to dinner with Dr. Gary Smyth and Nick Zielinski the chief engineer on the Chevy Volt. We had a wide ranging discussion with Nick and Gary which I will post soon, but one particular issue might be of interest in light of the story the other day about it taking up to two decades to turn over half the vehicle fleet in the United States t

GM's group vice president for Global Powertrain and Quality, Tom Stephens, spoke yesterday at the US BioEnergy ethanol plant in Woodbury, Michigan. Earlier, we brought you a video of some folks from US BioEnergy on how the plant and company operate. Now, here's GM's view on how to use all that ethanol. Stephens cites the two biggies - energy independence and less CO2 released into the air - as reasons GM is supporting ethanol so much (see, for example, this post and this one), but he makes it cl

The partnership between GM and the Governor's Ethanol Coalition has been in effect since 2005, and has now been extended to at least finish out 2007. Towards that end, GM has loaned an E85 Chevy Tahoe to Lt. Governor Becky Skillman of Indiana. This is one of 13 states so far that GM has partnered with to promote E85 as the renewable resource solution to our oil dependency.

With the announcement from Meijer Friday that eight more Meijer gas stations now sell E85, the Midwest big box retailer is about half-way to its stated goal of having 20 ethanol pumps in Michigan by the end of 2006. Meijer's first E85 station opened in Warren last month, and eleven more will open soon (locations TBA). The ethanol pumps are part of a partnership between Meijer, GM, CleanFUEL USA and the State of Michigan to increase awareness and use of ethanol in GM's flex-fuel vehicles. Elizabe