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GM Shares Move Up On Better Than Expected Q1 Performance

Lower losses in Europe and a new pickup truck improve outlook

General Motors' net income fell 14-percent in the first quarter, weighed down by losses in Europe and weaker earnings in North America. But its performance was better than many analysts expected, so shares were trading higher on Thursday.

GM Earnings Down, But Well Ahead Of Wall Street Forecast

New Chevys and Cadillacs well received by car buyers

General Motors took a hit to third quarter earnings compared with last year due to European struggles, but handily beat Wall Street forecasts thank to strong demand for its vehicles in the U.S. and better profit margins.

How is it that GM is still worth more than Ford?

General Motors, which hasn't been allowed to forget its recent financial propping up by all of us, is apparently still worth more than Ford Motor Company. That's a dubious fact that sticks in the craw of Detroit Free Press colum

GM burned through $5.9B in Q4, $19.2B in 2008

General Motors has just released its annual earnings report, and the news isn't pretty either for the year that was or the fourth quarter of 2008. GM burnt through $5.9 billion during the last few months of the year, which brought the grand total of cash on fire to $19.2 billion in 2008. So far the automaker has received $13.4 billion in federal loans, i.e. our tax money, but we'll just assume none of those bills have been burnt yet. Of course, the U.S. recession and its effect on the global eco