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Some loyalties run deep in Detroit, take Chevrolet's relationship with its advertising agency. Campbell-Ewald has been urging people to buy bowties since 1922, when a single magazine ad contained more words than a BMW press release. Chevrolet's account is huge, and the automaker is not looking to make a clean break from its long-time agency, the layer-cake of ongoing efforts is far too tall for that. What's most likely to happen is that Chevrolet will accept outside pitches from hungry, creative

You may or may not have noticed that GM has cut its spending on traditional advertising. It's hard to tell, really, with "This is our country" playing in the back of your mind (mission accomplished). Both TNS Media and GM agree that spending on traditional media was down in 2006, with GM claiming a $300 million drop and TNS Media methodology bringing a number closer to $600 million. What's amazing is that the drop in spending is about equal to the entire advertising budget of Nike.