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Who knew making biodiesel could cause problems for makers of kosher foods? Well, some of the rabbis who are in charge of declaring food kosher or not, of course.

Biodiesel proponents do a lot of work to make people see the biofuel as an environmentally friendly alternative. But then James Raulerson pretty much gave them the finger.

Glycos Biotechnologies Inc, a company started by two Rice University researchers, say they can make cheap ethanol from glycerin. Glycos' process and the feedstock for making ethanol from glycerin (a byproduct of biodiesel production) is about half the cost of making ethanol from corn. The researchers, Ramon Gonzalez and Syed Shams Yazdani, found the right mix for a known strain of Escherichia coli to convert glycerin into ethanol through an anaerobic fermentation process.

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