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Despite not being official, we've known for some time that Ford CEO Alan Mulally wants to increase the number of platforms shared by its U.S. and European divisions. It's something Ford fanboys have been demanding for some time, and yesterday Mulally officially confirmed that the next-gen Focus and Fusion would be global vehicles, sharing platforms with their counterparts across the pond. This will be in addition to the B-class car that's coming in the form of the new European Fiesta small car t

Even though GM is one of the biggest players in the global market, it hasn't had much luck in worldwide platform sharing. And it wants to see that change. Soon. Sources are saying that GM is working on a new small car platform known internally as Gamma. This platform could be the basis for the next Opel Corsa and Chevrolet Aveo, and could ultimately support models with an annual volume of 1.4 million cars starting in 2009. Although unconfirmed, Gammas could be built in Korea, China, Thailand, In