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How could I not share this one with you guys? I know that global warming is not universally accepted among scientists or the average Joe, but does that mean we should all just assume there is no problem and go about our daily lives without questioning our actions? Is that what this billboard from Spurt Aviation is trying to suggest, or is supposed to be pure satire? I'm not entirely sure. What do you think, is this funny or just in bad taste?

I'm sure that by now, all of us are familiar with Al Gore and his documentary, "An Inconvenient Truth". You probably also know that automakers, scientists and politicians are busy in Washington making decisions on what steps, if any, to take to combat global warming and the greenhouse gases that are emitted from our exhaust pipes, factories and the like. While reading over some of the statements and testimony in the hearings, something really caught my eye. According to Ralph Hall, a Republican

Notice the words "Global Warming" were not mentioned during the State of the Union address, but we did hear the words "global climate change". What is the difference? One is burned into the public psyche and the other isn't; one sounds worse than the other. But, really they mean the same thing for our purposes. Have you ever watched "An Inconvenient Truth"? I must be honest here and let you all know that I am not into politics or politicians at all. Go ahead and ask me for an opinion and you are

Last Friday, the Wall Street Journal published an interview with President Bush that focused on energy policy. You can just about guess what he says without even reading the article. These two reports from Reuters and AFX (via Forbes), however, each take a bit of a different approach with the interview, so we're off to the source.