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We brought you news of the Giugiaro VAD.HO concept which was shown in Geneva at the Motor Show, and now we have some live pictures of the machine from the show floor.

The Motor Trend blog gave us a heads-up that thay've scored studio photos of the Geneva-bound Giugiaro Vadho concept car that popped onto everyone's radar last week. Looking like something you'd find in a Hot Wheels blister-pack, the Vadho's powered by the same V12 used in BMW's Hydrogen 7. Shifts come courtesy of the automaker's seven-speed SMG.

Winding Road is reporting that Italian design studio Italdesign-Giugiaro will unveil a tandem two seater concept next week the Geneva Motor Show fueled by hydrogen. The engine will sit to the right of the passenger and behind the driver, running on liquid hydrogen. The concept utilizes complete by wire drive controls with a pair of joysticks on either side of the driver's seat. The Vadho, as it will be known, is a ground up design but there is no information yet on what type of engine is utilize

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