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One of Lancia's achievements with the Y10, later called Ypsilon, was creating the urban chic supermini well before the new Minis or Smarts were on the road. Although not the most successful car in the segment, the Ypsilon has been a Lancia staple since its introduction in 1996. Since the current version is starting to look outdated, the Italian marque is planning to launch an updated based on the future Fiat 500 Giardinera, aka station wagon, that will use an enlarged platform from the current

The original Fiat 500 from the 1950s was available in a Station Wagon version, the Giardinera, which we might consider to be the minivan's grandparent and placed the engine under the car floor. This is not the case for a possible version of the nuova 500, which is speculated in an article by Infomotori: the new 500 has its engine in the front.