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GG Quadster defies classification

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GG Quadster: Impending doom on four wheels

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More transportation alternatives, this time plucked from Kneeslider

Triazuma, Quadrazuma (click here for Autoblog coverage) and GG-Quad (Jeremy Korzeniewski

Neiman Marcus tries on some green for the holidays: Christmas Book offers Twike

Neiman Marcus has finally released its famed 2006 Christmas Book of exotic holiday gifts. Not many holiday catalogs offer as wide a range as NM. You can spend $24 on a tin of NM Exclusive Candied Corn, or turn to page 32 for a $160,000 pen. Or if you really want to get your friends something no one else has, just turn to page 87. There you'll find that $1.7 million will buy a ride for 6 in Virgin Atlantic's Space