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Don't count on the German electric-vehicle market to get another recharge from the government. According to a panel of government officials, automakers and unions, the country will fall short of its goal of selling a million EVs by 2020 unless the government ratchets up EV subsidies. Instead, by that time, the panel expects about 600,000 battery-electric vehicles to have been sold. The reasons for the potential missed target include a lack of infrastructure, high battery costs and less-than-expe

Before the Frankfurt Motor Show brought us the latest models and concepts from automakers, it was opened by German Chancelor Angela Merkel. The inauguration speech by the Chancellor included describing her country's support for electric vehicles: Germany expects that there will be up to seven million EVs, including plug-ins, and about 18 million hybrid cars in 2020. These figures would account for a third of the expected cars on German roads at that time. Merkel's speech divided the expansion of