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At the Chicago Auto Show, Hyundai basically gave the green crowd an i-Blue rerun. For Geneva, the Korean company is bringing out some fresh goods. The coolest will likely be the HED-5 concept (above), a six-seat crossover that is supposed to get "exceptional fuel economy." Hyundai isn't saying much about the HED-5 other than it is made with "revolutionary materials and construction techniques have been developed in co-operation with innovation partners such as Recaro, Bayer and LG." That last na

It seems like just a week ago that we were last contemplating the possibility of an all-electric powertrain that would move the Pininfarina Sintesi when it's unveiled in Geneva next month (oh wait, it was a week ago). Now we know, courtesy of Pininfarina itself, that it will be an electric-hydrogen hybrid system and not a typical one at that (not all concept cars need to generate 700 hp the way the Sintesi apparently does UPDATE: the actual number is 240 hp, Nuvera Fuel Cells has told ABG). The