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Why Geneva has evolved into the must-see motor show of the year

A recent study anointed Geneva the most livable city in the world. Sitting where Lake Geneva flows into the Rhone River, the old city has a surprisingly small town feel and probably wouldn't even be on the global map were it not for the presence of the United Nations – and the annual Geneva Motor Show.

The Best Interiors of the 2011 Geneva Motor Show

We've already created the definitive geeky guide to the Geneva Motor Show, but what we haven't shown you is what's inside some of our favorite concepts from Switzerland.

The Translogic Guide to the Geneva Motor Show

We're back from Geneva, and as expected, this year's show didn't disappoint. Being held in Switzerland, the Geneva expo is one of the few neutral zones where major OEMs and niche automakers can show off their wares and get equal time in front of the cameras. And as connectivity and alt-fuel continues to take center stage, nearly every exhibitor had something worth getting excited over. If you're interested in a comprehensive look into what makes the Geneva show unique and what concepts and produ

Geneva 2011: World Car of the Year finalists shortlisted

The list of finalists for World Car of the Year has been whittled down from 39 entries to just three, and the finalists were announced yesterday at a press conference hosted by Bridgestone at the Geneva Motor Show.

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