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If you've ever tried making biodiesel commercially you'll know that the biggest cost is by far the feedstock. This has lead to a great deal of research into more efficient alternatives to the traditional feedstocks of canola oil and soybean oil. A promising biodiesel feedstock plant being promoted in Africa, India, China and South East Asia is Jatropha Curcas which is common in hot climates and can grow in wastelands. Jatropha is already known for its huge yields; more than four times as much fu

In recent years, as the genomes of more species have been decoded, scientists have come to realize that the genes alone are not necessarily the most critical factor in distinguishing different species. It turns out that many of the sequences are common, and it's usually a combination of multiple genes turning on and off that controls the outcome. The activation of genes is controlled by proteins that manipulate many genes.