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At Witz' End: GM EV1 - The Real Story, Q&A

People are most critical of the things they least understand. – Paul W. Spoor, Bits & Pieces, September 2008.

GM considers the future of the full-size pickup truck

It's no secret that the pickup truck market is shrinking, with high gas prices as one obvious culprit. In fact, Toyota's ridiculously popular Camry midsize sedan is nipping at the heels of full-size truck stalwarts such as the Chevy Silverado and Ford F-Series. So far this year, General Motors has seen an 18.5 percent decrease in full-size truck sales and a huge 31.5 percent decrease i

GM offers up to $200 million to end American Axle strike

General Motors has been hit so hard by the ongoing American Axle strikes that it's stopped production of the GMC Yukon, Denali, Sierra heavy-duty regular and extended cab, its comm

GM plans to partner up with another cellulosic ethanol maker

You probably remember that back in January of this year, General Motors announced that it was partnering up with Coskata to make cheap cellulosic ethanol using a process developed by Coskata which includes the use of microorganisms developed by Oklahoma State University

GM slips to number four on the Fortune 500

General Motors has fallen once again on the Fortune 500 list of America's top-grossers. The General had once stood strong atop the rankings, having fallen from the top spot in 2001 at which time Wal-Mart took over. For the last few years, Exxon-Mobil and the big box retailer have battled for the first two positions on the list with GM claiming third place. This year, soaring demands for energy have allowed Chevron to

GM: by 2015, one-third of our US car sales will be hybrids, and the V-8 engine will quasi-disappear

What will you be driving in 2015? If you only drive GM vehicles, there's a one in three chance it'll be a hybrid, according to a report from Bloomberg. GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz said, "around 2015 we're going to have to sell a ton of hybrids whether people want them or not." Lutz added, "it's basically going to result in the quasi-disappearance of V-8 engines." Lutz explained that the increase in sales of hybri

GM (and everyone else) may have to revamp product plans to hit 35 mpg

If the energy bill that's currently stalled in the US Senate does ultimately get passed, every car-maker in the US market will have to thoroughly revamp their product lines. This is particularly true for trucks where most companies struggle to achieve mileage even in the low twenties. At a Saturn event in San Diego CA, GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz again said the 35 mpg would cause a

GM launches two-mode transmission production in Baltimore

The arrival of the Two-Mode GM SUV's if finally upon us as the Baltimore Transmission plant officially launched full production of the new hybrid transmissions today. The plant in White Marsh Maryland employs approximately 415 hourly and salaried staff and has about 440, 000 sq. ft. of floor space. Since the plant opened in 2000 it has been pro

General Motors joins Toyota and jumps into the Friedman fray

In the past New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman has made his disdain for the US Domestic auto industry clearly known and the other day the pro-globalization writer fired off a salvo at Toyota for their current stance on new fuel economy regulations. Toyota's Sam Abuelsamid