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The other day, long-time plug-in vehicle advocate and overall voice for cleaner cars Chelsea Sexton published her first column on AutoblogGreen, and it brought together two ends of General Motors's electric vehicle story – the EV1 and the Chevrolet Volt. We've since updated that post with a video of the event from GM and noticed that GM posted a response to Chelsea's column as part of the company's outreach to former EV1 drivers and fans. As Chevrolet Volt communications guy Phil Colley wr

2011 Chevy Volt - Click above for high-res image gallery

It appears as if everyones favorite series-hybrid may make it into production as early as 2010. This news comes courtesy of General Motors Larry Burns, GM's vice president for research and development and Jim Queen, group vice president of global engineering. It is no secret that the Volt was a huge hit for GM at the Detroit Auto Show this year, and as our own statistics show, it was a hit with consumers who research their vehicles on the internet as well. Another positive point for the Volt's p