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While John McCain's idea of a gas tax holiday was a hit in the U.S. (well, it was a hit with him and Hillary Clinton, anyway), the European Commission is saying no in all sorts of languages to the possibility of the EU capping the value-added tax on fuel. Automotive News Europe reports that the EC shot down a proposal by French president Nicolas Sarkozy to cap the tax by saying any such move was the wrong response to high oil prices and would require unanimous agreement anyway. Sarkozy didn't sp

If you're trying to conserve fuel, making said fuel cheaper doesn't help the cause. If you're trying to sell cars, making the stuff they run on cheaper might help. But one thing is for certain, not everyone is a fan of Chrysler's new "Let's Refuel America Gas Card."

Ever hear of Pricelock? It's a service for fleet operators to purchase gas in bulk at a set price to buffer the company budget from rising fuel fluctuations. Chrysler thinks that new car buyers should be able to participate as well, through the company's new "Let's Refuel America Gas Card."

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Nobody likes taxes. Nobody likes high fuel prices. Combine the two and what do you get? Even higher fuel prices, which nobody likes. This might all seem rather obvious, but it is still relevant considering that there are movements to place higher taxes on gas for a variety of reasons. While many agree that drastic measures may need to be taken in order to wean the American people off of foreign oil, questions remain on just how to do that. Biofuels are an option, but there are significant drawba

Currently, diesel prices in the U.S. are slightly higher than gasoline. Across the pond, the story has been somewhat different. With the exception of the UK, diesel in Europe has usually been cheaper than gasoline. This was a consequence of European governments' policies on taxing fuels. Trucks and buses run on diesel, whereas cars traditionally ran on gasoline.

A lot of people hate taxes. If asked, would you rather have death or taxes, some people might need a few moments to consider the question. How much of a tax are we talking about, some people might need to ask before answering the question.

The Metropolitan Transportation Commission in the San Francisco Bay area is proposing a 10-cent-a-gallon regional gas tax. The tax would be applied in addition to existing state and federal gas taxes and state sales tax. The reason given for adding the tax would be to encourage drivers to go to more fuel efficient vehicles. In order to get the tax, two thirds of the voters in the nine counties in the Bay area would have to approve. The problem is that gas prices typically fluctuate by more than