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While John McCain's idea of a gas tax holiday was a hit in the U.S. (well, it was a hit with him and Hillary Clinton, anyway), the European Commission is saying no in all sorts of languages to the possibility of the EU capping the value-added tax on fuel. Automotive News Europe reports that the EC shot down a proposal by French president Nicolas Sarkozy to cap the tax by saying any such move was the wrong response to high oil prices and would require unanimous agreement anyway. Sarkozy didn't sp

The conservative Mayor of Colmar, France, Mr. Gilber Meyer, has decided to give a hand to households so they spend less money in gasoline. How? He's giving away €100 per household to purchase a bicycle. His deputy for urbanism and security, Yves Hemedinger, states "It's well known that one of France's main worries are the high cost of oil and ecology. This measure will help our citizens save money and pollute less for their displacements." Since you can find a bicycle for about €100-12