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Ever since the debut of the Audi R10 in 2006, the mighty diesel-powered sports cars have been running on a gas-to-liquid (GTL) diesel fuel supplied by Shell. For the 2008 running of the 24 hours of Le Mans coming up in a few weeks, Audi and Shell will try a new blend that combines the GTL fuel with a BTL (biomass-to-liquid) fuel supplied by Choren. Choren is a German company that has been collaborating with Audi's parent company Volkswagen to develop the BTL diesel branded as SunFuel. Like cellu

Up to this point, Toyota has been far and away the leader in bringing hybrid drive-train technology to the automotive market place. They have also produced many very efficient conventionally powered vehicles to market. They have even produced full plug-in electric vehicles, although they did take those back and dispose of them much like GM and other car-makers did with theirs. The one area they have so far avoided is ethanol power and flex-fuel vehicles.