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Oh well. Those Chrysler "Let's Refuel America" gas cards undoubtedly sounded good to car buyers over the summer when gas was well over four bucks and it seemed like there was no limit to how high the price could go. Offered in lieu of rebates, the gas cards essentially locked drivers into the then-cheap pump price of $2.99/gallon. Now, several months (and countless hysterical media reports) later, the economy is in the tank and so, as it happens, is the price of gas. In what feels like a time wa

What's up with California's lawmakers? First, they pass legislation that makes it illegal to use cell phones while driving, yet texting while behind the wheel is still legal (thankfully rectified earlier this week). Now they get caught with unchecked, taxpayer-reimbursed, unlimited-use gas cards...while driving state-issued vehicles! The "gas cards" are supposed to be used for fuel, but they can also be used for incidental purchases such as snacks or drinks. The lawmakers never see the bills as

Following news that Chrysler will start up employee pricing discounts again this summer, General Motors is jumping into the sandbox, only this time taking another tack -- zero percent financing for six years for many 2006 models, which is expected to be announced next week. It's a way for General Motors to stick by its word that it will continue to be a proponent of value pricing and still fight to keep the market share that has slowly been slipping away from its fingertips.