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Need a good-news story? Here it is: 99-cent gas

One gas station's way of giving back — and quickly selling out

Gasoline gets cheap, just when Americans don't need it

And, of course, partly because we don't need it

At two gasoline stations in Scarsdale, a wealthy suburb of New York City not far from one of the nation's worst outbreaks of coronavirus, attendants whiled away the minutes on a rainy Friday morning at what would normally be their busiest time of day. "We've had one or two customers - that's it," said Julio Barrios as he sat under an umbrella at the full-service Shell station in downtown Scarsdale. The coronavirus has infected at least 138,000 people worldwide and killed mo

U.S. blames Iran for attack on Saudi facilities, and world oil price spikes

Benchmark oil prices are up by 10%

Global energy prices spiked on Monday after a weekend attack on key oil facilities in Saudi Arabia caused the worst disruption to world supplies on record, an assault for which President Donald Trump warned that the U.S. was "locked and loaded" to respond. U.S. officials offered satellite images of the damage at the heart of the kingdom's crucial Abqaiq oil processing plant and a key oil field, alleging the pattern of destruction suggested the attack on Saturday came from either Iraq or Iran —

30-cent gas station promotion creates L.A. traffic nightmare

A Chevron station was participating in Amazon’s ‘Maisel Day’ promotion

Iranian hostilities could cause spike in global oil prices

Tensions in the Gulf have already pushed oil prices slightly higher

Seizures of oil tankers and other hostile Iranian measures in the Strait of Hormuz are already raising insurance rates for shipping companies and could eventually reduce tanker traffic in the vital waterway, with a spike in global oil prices a serious risk even without war, energy and maritime experts say. On Friday, Iran seized a British-flagged oil tanker in the narrow passageway that carries one-fifth of the world's crude exports and a second Liberian-flagged ship was briefly detained. "If