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Anybody that lives on a busy road or has a lot of cars knows that getting vehicles in and out of the driveway can be a logistical nightmare. Traditional options for curing this problem range from widening the driveway to creating one of those horseshoe-shaped driveways. Pouring concrete can get pricey too, but an old auto show staple, the turntable, is now available as a cure for parking problems.

I need this. My back isn't what it used to be, so when it's time to fiddle with the undercarriage, I start thinking wistfully about lifts or pits. It'd also make it easier to hang off the end of the breaker bar for those monster-torque suspension fasteners. Exhaust work? No more lying on your back, rust crispies falling into your mouth, embers from that bolt you're torching out ending up who knows where. Of course, it's always a plus to make sure there are no fluids in the car, or they'll remind

It's been an exciting start, mainly because I get to dig out all my old model building tools and skills. That's also why it's been a little slow since the initial post went up, because I've had to find all those model building tools. The last model I built was a '67 Belvidere GTX over ten years ago and 100 miles from here. I haven't been able to find my X-Acto knife set, but I've made do so far with my home-improvement scarred Stanley 99E razor knife.

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