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How this for bold? Congresswoman Michell Bachmann, a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination who won the Ames Straw Poll last weekend, has just stated that one thing we'd get with a Bachmann Administration is – ready? – cheap gasoline. According to Politico she said:

Here's a frightening number (to anyone without a plug-in car, anyway): the average cost of 50 liters of gasoline reached €75 this month. As you can probably tell from the metric system usage there, we're not talking about fuel prices in the U.S. Instead, this is the situation in France, where the cost is expected to jump to €2 a liter soon. According to Autoblog France, the CEO of Total, Christophe de Margerie, said there is "no doubt" that €2 fuel is coming soon, adding that "Hop

We expect the advocacy group Plug In America to constantly remind us of the benefits of plug-in vehicles. That's their reason for being, after all. Sometimes, impassioned pleas make a good argument; sometimes, taking a fresh look at what might be considered a boring topic does the trick.