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It's hard to predict the future. Well, it's actually quite easy to make a prediction - it's just hard to predict what will actually happen. Take gas prices. With the recent announcement that OPEC would make a substantial production cut - 2.2 million barrels a day - to bring oil prices back up, an AP story from earlier this month already seems out of date. That story, headlined "Return to $1 gas? Energy prices evaporate," found reason to talk about how the rapid tumble in gas prices in the US (r

Perhaps we're talking about moving the goal posts here, but BusinessWeek has an article out today that figures the breaking point for getting American consumers to change their car shopping and lifestyle habits is, drumroll, $4 a gallon. I'm sure no one was predicting that precise line ten years ago when average prices were around $1.20 a gallon and SUVs were flying out the door. Perhaps at that time the economists thought $2.50 would be the point of no return, but that's come and gone and here