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It has now been 150 years since Edwin Drake first successfully struck oil in Titusville, Pennsylvania and, while it certainly wasn't the first well created (the earliest known dates back to 347 AD in China), that discovery is marked by many as the beginning of the oil age. As that original production of 25 barrels a day has grown to 85 million worldwide, the end of the oil age is being urged for in a piece published in the Houston Chronicle, the paper of record for the city referred to by some a

Gal Luft is a serious, driven young man. As a graduate researcher at John Hopkins University in the aftermath of 9/11, he and his long time colleague Anne Korin felt that there should be an independent think tank specifically dedicated to the Energy Security question. He was not alone with this idea. Several highly placed government professionals felt the same way and came together to form IAGS - the Institute for Analysis of Global Security. It was functioning with Gal as Executive Director